#88: "No record of this item" with USPS tracking number with Amazon shipping



I have a package shipping from Amazon using their SuperSaver shipping method. A USPS tracking number was issued, but using the USPS online package tracking system always reports "There is no record of this item". It has been several days, and still the Post...

#87: Remove NTW manual watermark



The Steam version of Napoleon: Total War ships with a PDF manual. Unfortunately, it has a giant "SEGA" watermark over most of its pages, making the text difficult to read. Looking for a reasonably easy way to remove the SEGA watermark. From viewing it, it...

#86: Building bsddb.so for Python

I want to build the _bsddo.so module for my Python install, and link it to an installation of BerkeleyDB 4.8 on my OS X 10.6 machine. OS X 10.6 comes with Python 2.6 and a stock bsddb module, but does not ship the actual binary _bsddb.so, which makes the entire...

#85: Colons and special characters in Ultrasphinx queries

When I use UltraSphinx, the Ruby API to the Sphinx full-text search engine, queries with certain special characters such as colons (:), at signs (@), and other reserved characters throw an Ultrasphinx::UsageError exception in my query interface. For example...

#84: setuptools 0.6c11 fails to install on Windows 7 64-bit

I am attempting to install setuptools for Windows 7 64-bit. Upon downloading the installer msi file for setuptools 0.6c11 for Python 2.6, the installer fails at the second stage with an error message "Python version 2.6 is required, which was not found in...

#83: Finding postgis_restore.pl

Upon needing to restore a PostGIS-enabled Postgres database, I am following instructions from the PostGIS website as of Jan 23, 2010. However, I cannot find the postgis_restore.pl script referred to by the documentation. Where is postgis_store.pl ?

#82: Django: "Upload a valid image. The file you uploaded was either not an image or a corrupted image."

When uploading an image with Django, I get: "Upload a valid image. The file you uploaded was either not an image or a corrupted image."

#81: associated STI subclasses not loading in dev

Let's say you have class Chili < ActiveRecord::Base has_many :beans end class Bean < ActiveRecord::Base; end class Pinto < Bean; end Now, let's say you have one chili record that's associated with one pinto (it's a sad chili). If you do this...

#80: LUALL.exe hogs CPU

At intervals, I'll just get a CPU leak and it's LUALL.exe

#79: DigitalColor Meter RGB color space defaults on Snow Leopard



OS X ships with a nifty digital pixel color meter called DigitalColor Meter, which outputs the color of the pixel under your cursor in whichever color space you choose (Hex Value, 8-Bit for web development, for example). In Leopard, your preferred color space...

#78: "can not find script file "c:\windows\jargon.vbs"

When starting my folks' computer, this script error pops up. Running XP Media Center Edition

#77: Wanted: iPhone/Prius integration

I want a physical installation that allows me to use my iPhone safely in my car. 1) GPS Navigation software 2) connect car's AUX audio connection to device 3) charge device using my USB charger

#76: VLC on XP doesn't update itself correctly

Error occurs on 1.0.1 on XP Media Center Edition. File chooser pops up and then this error: Saving file failed Failed to open "\MY\PATH\" for writing

#75: jsettlers crashing on bot's die roll

i can't get through more than 3-4 rounds on jsettlers (settlers of catan, java version, on jsettlers.com) until the applet just dies. the crash always happens when one bot finishes its turn and the next bot is to roll.

#74: Building just readline.so for Python on OS X

I want to build the readline.so module for my Python install, and link it to an installation of GNU readline. As much as I dislike the entire "what's Free" argument about this nonsense, readline simply works better with packages such as IPython than the crummy...

#73: Chrome fails to load PDF: "cannot use adobe pdf in your browser"

Action: Click on any PDF link in Chrome Full text of error: Adobe Acrobat "Cannot use Adobe Reader to view PDF in your web browser. Reader will now exit. Please exit your browser and try again." Background: I have a version of Adobe Acrobat Pro installed...

#72: Rome: Total War Alexander historical battles do not unlock

On Windows Vista and Windows 7, I am unable to unlock all historical battles for Rome: Total War, Alexander. The Battle of Chaeronea is the only one available, and even though I have won it on Medium difficulty, the next battle in the sequence does not unlock...

#71: Dell Studio XPS wireless failure

On the Dell Studio XPS laptop, the WiFi / wireless Internet mysteriously deactivates. All drivers report normal, and the trouble diagnostic reports that "wireless capability is turned off on this computer" and "Turn on wireless capability" to restore functionality...

#70: "audit_log_user_command(): Connection refused" when using sudo in CentOS 5

On every invocation of sudo in CentOS 5.3, whether successful or not, there is an echo to terminal of: audit_log_user_command(): Connection refused This does not appear to affect any serious functionality, but is incredibly annoying.

#69: MemCacheError () failures in Rails 2.3.x

While attempting to use Rails.cache.write using MemcachedStore, writes with strings fail consistently with MemCacheError () . Reads occasionally succeed for some odd reason. Only seems to happen on Ubuntu Intrepid ( production environment ), with memcached...