About us

SelfSolved is a personal and social information repository for people who solve problems.

Why not StackOverflow/Yahoo Answers/Askville/...?

SelfSolved is designed for a different use case. Unlike places like Stack Overflow, SelfSolved is mainly designed for self-solvers, the researchers and lurkers among us. When we come across a problem, we start doing research on the Web on how to solve it. Tens or hundreds of websites, blogs, and forum posts later, we've come up with the perfection solution, using the best suggestions from multiple sources.

And then we promptly forget about our brilliant solution. The next time we come across the same problem, we do the research all over again. Or, we write it in our blogs, until our blogs consist of nothing more than the problems we've solved. Meanwhile, other people are going through the exact same process for the exact same problem.

How does SelfSolved make it better?

SelfSolved makes it easy to research a problem and document its solution at the same time.

Record your problem when you have one; keep track of all the places on the Web that you went to for help; when you've had your eureka! moment, come back and record your final solution for future reference. Other people can search and find your reference list and your solution, if they're having the same problem.

And if you have a better solution than someone's SelfSolved one, feel free to add it to the problem. Building upon other people's solutions to make them better is highly encouraged.

Who built SelfSolved?

SelfSolved is a product from the founders of Popcuts, Inc. We're self-solvers who needed a problem tracking system for the things that we fix every day.