#108: USPS Missing Package "There is no record of this item"

I have been waiting for a package from the US using USPS Priority Mail International. Tracking number was issued by the sender on 7 Jan 2011 who confirms that it was sent and that they have commenced inquiry with USPS for non arrvial on the 17 Jan. I have...

#107: Cyberduck gets flooded with Growl notifications from Bonjour

When I open Cyberduck, I get dozens of Growl notifcations because Cyberduck discovers Bonjour-connected computers. I can't find an option in the preferences to change this.

#106: Access Apple AirDisk over WAN

So I have an AirDisk set up on my Apple AirPort Extreme router. As I occasionally travel, I'd like to access my AirDisk from the WAN or general Internet. On the other hand, I'd rather not expose the Apple Filing Sharing port 548 over the WAN via the AirPort...

#105: swtiching to homebrew screwed up the textmate svn bundle

At least under OS X Leopard. Said svn was out of date

#104: Restore Entourage 2008 Sound Set to Outlook in Office 2011

The default soundset that Outlook ships with is too muted. I would like to import the old Entourage 2008 sound set into Office 2011. I looked in ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Entourage Sound Sets, but did not find the Default sound set there.

#103: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected

I have a problem when allowing users to select a profile image on the registration form off community builder. The image is being lost between the confirmation page and the checkout page. So after submitting the form, I land on the first confirmation page without...

#102: proxychains/proxyresolv DNS failure on OS X 10.6

I managed to get a version of proxychains running on OS X 10.6, after fixing all of its weird library load errors (due to hard-coded library paths in proxychains/proxyresolv's wrapper scripts). Unfortunately, though it correctly connects to an external DNS...

#101: detecting whether association loaded in ActiveRecord

Sometimes you want to check if something's loaded before you hit the db.

#100: netgear router & ralink RT2870

I have recently purchased a Ralink RT2870 & instaled it correctly, I can find several other networks in the area except my own Netgear DG834G. I know the router is working as I am using it to upload this, with an other PC.

#99: Trac reports "Insufficient permissions" when using fine-grained permissions

I have a Ubuntu-based Trac installation covering two SVN repositories. Having to share a single Subversion repository with different teams, who shouldn't have access to the other team's code, I had to activate fine-grained permissions using htpasswd and mod_authz_svn...

#98: "Pattern colors are not supported" when compiling iPhone app

When compiling an iPhone app project, a controller XIB file reports an error "Pattern colors are not supported by the iPhone SDK for iPhone OS versions prior to 3.0". The Xcode Project deployment target is set to compile for iPhone OS 3.x or 4.x, so this really...

#97: RoTK XI movies show black screen

When playing Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI on my Windows 7 laptop on full screen, maximum resolution, the introductory movies and cutscenes play as black screens. The audio still works, and the cursor is normal, but no video is shown. The movies display...

#96: rails tests not getting rolled back

There are a number of reasons this might happen: you have a test, it runs fine individually, but when you run rake test or rake test:units, it fails. This might be because one test is writing to the db and those changes aren't getting rolled back.

#95: windows script host

cannot find the file 'C:\wndows\jargon.vbs'

#94: Zotero error line.replace is not a function

When attempting to load JSTOR, SpringerLink, or Informaworld citations using the address bar button in Zotero 2.03, the citation is not added. Checking the JavaScript error console reports an error of "line.replace is not a function" from the relevant site...

#93: inspecting the state of a named_scope

I know named scopes are getting all changed around in Rails 3, but I figured this out a while ago, and then forgot it, came here to find my answer, and realized I never wrote it down. The problem is that when you're building complex chained scopes its often...

#92: zip command exclude .svn directories

I am looking for the command line incantation for zip to package up a .zip file but exclude any .svn metadata directories and files. I used --exclude=.svn/* but it doesn't seem to work.

#91: piping stderr and stdout

Well, I think I've already looked this up and forgotten it twice.

#90: 5Ghz mode with Ralink RT2870 and AirPort Express

I purchased a SparkLAN WUBR-505N dual band USB WiFi adapter, which claimed to do 802.11 a/b/g/n, for my Powerbook G4. This card is using the Ralink RT 2870, which is a dual band chipset with fairly nice Mac OS X drivers provided by Ralink. I plugged it in...

#89: view readline history in irb

I wanted to view a log of all the lines I'd written in an IRB session, but didn't see a simple equivalent of bash's "history" command.