#22: Pylons - how to turn off caching completely

Using Pylons 0.9.6, it would be desireable to turn off template caching completely at the Beaker level so that template changes would be reflected immediately during development.

#11: Python formencode doesn't run validations when input is None

Using FormEncode 1.0.1, validations don't seem to run when an input value of None is provided to the FancyValidator.to_python or Schema.to_python method. Example validation schema: class ValidToken(formencode.FancyValidator): def _to_python(self, value...

#4: Paster restart socket error

After saving source files (with --reload option activated), sometimes paster can't restart and encounters the below error. Mac OS 10.5 ------------------------- Starting server in PID 58828. Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/local/bin/paster...