#48: Rails to Blogger, Wordpress integration

Looking for a reasonable library or wrapper around the Blogger API and Wordpress AtomPub/XML-RPC APIs, so that I can syndicate content to various blog engines, or just post content to user-specified blogs in general.

#47: finding a time zone give lat/lon coordinates

A little while ago we started using time zones in iNat, which was more troublesome than anticipated. One problem I ran into was automatically setting the time zone from pre-existing observations given their lat/lon. I ended up http://www.earthtools.org/webservices...

#46: JEPController:checkBundle couldn't find libawt.jnilib

At some point, my Firefox 3.0.x on OS X 10.5 stopped opening Java applets. The failure occurs silently -- the applet simply doesn't run, with no apparent error message in the browser. In the Console log, the output is 5/20/09 11:43:02 AM [0x0-0x104104].org...

#45: why is Rails logging to ".log"?!

I started using Workling, but quickly realized it was logging to "log/.log" for some inane reason.

#44: multivalue facet fields in acts_as_solr

Solr supports faceted search, which is good, but acts_as_solr has pretty terribly documentation, which is bad.

#43: resetting Rails schema_migrations table

I just ran a failing migration, and in a fit of panic, deleted all the rows from my schema migrations table. That's a pretty dumb thing to do.

#42: HTML or XHTML Parser for iPhone SDK 2.x

A couple of my iPhone projects require a decent HTML/XHTML parser. On OS X, Cocoa ships with NSXMLDocument, which includes dirty HTML parsing functionality from libtidy. Unfortunately, NSXMLDocument is not part of the actual iPhone 2.2 SDK (though it is part...

#41: installing mapnik in OS X with MacPorts

Mapnik is an open source map rendering lib that makes pretty maps and has an extensive Python API. Unfortunately, it's still a pain in the ass to install with macports. Luckily, there are some really helpful people in the community....

#40: macports thinks python26 needs xorg

Clearly that is just plain ridiculous.

#39: Reversing PDB files to PML

PDB-format eBooks are typically generated via PML (Palm Markup Language) files. I would like to reverse the process - extract the original PML document from a PDB file. Tools such as DropBook only go one-way.

#38: Migrate an SVN repository

I need to move an SVN repository from http://svn.foo.com to http://svn.bar.com . I also have a working copy, checked out from foo.com, that has changes. I have a svndump of the last revision at foo.com. However, I no longer have commit access to foo.com...

#37: make url_for() generate a URL for the current page including GET params

If you just use url_for() in a view, it will generate the url corresponding to the controller/action/id that generated, but it will leave out the precious GET params.

#36: How to change an Oracle database to noarchivelog mode

What? Can't alter while sessions are open? Can't alter modes while database is closed? Problems I've encountered: SQL> alter database noarchivelog; alter database noarchivelog * ERROR at line 1: ORA-01126: database must be mounted EXCLUSIVE and not open...

#35: validating date_select in rails

If you use the date_select helper in Rails, setting all fields except for the year will result in MultiparameterAssignmentErrors. You can catch the exception, but it's kind of hard to catch it in a place where you can add errors to a model instance.

#34: Indexing the results of an nested set ancestry query

I would like to use Sphinx and ThinkingSphinx to index the results of a nested set ancestry query, but I'm not entire sure how. The kind of query I need to do would be something like SELECT id FROM taxa WHERE taxa.lft <= $target_taxon_lft AND taxa.rgt...

#33: Addicted to Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I started watching and now it rules my life.

#32: MenuMeters Memory Meter reports negative page faults



The latest build of MenuMeters (1.3 as of this posting) can report negative values for its VM Statistics. For example, the page faults value can roll over INT_MAX to report -1,800,000 page faults, when I've ran the same OS X session for ~18 days. While it...

#31: Python csv and universal-newline mode

When using Python 2.5's csv module, I keep running into a "new-line character seen in unquoted field" error. In [16]: f = csv.reader(open("/Users/yliu/foo/data", "rb"), dialect=csv.excel_tab) In [17]: for row in f: print row...

#30: Eclipse fails to launch with shared library error

After upgrading to Eclipse 3.4.2 on Mac OS X 10.5, I receive an error message at launch: The Eclipse executable launcher was unable to locate its companion shared library

#29: Reset a frozen iPhone

My iPhone 3G has completely frozen and does not respond to the usual reset methods (holding down the Sleep/Wake button at the top). I need to reset it.