#102: proxychains/proxyresolv DNS failure on OS X 10.6

I managed to get a version of proxychains running on OS X 10.6, after fixing all of its weird library load errors (due to hard-coded library paths in proxychains/proxyresolv's wrapper scripts). Unfortunately, though it correctly connects to an external DNS...

#79: DigitalColor Meter RGB color space defaults on Snow Leopard



OS X ships with a nifty digital pixel color meter called DigitalColor Meter, which outputs the color of the pixel under your cursor in whichever color space you choose (Hex Value, 8-Bit for web development, for example). In Leopard, your preferred color space...

#74: Building just readline.so for Python on OS X

I want to build the readline.so module for my Python install, and link it to an installation of GNU readline. As much as I dislike the entire "what's Free" argument about this nonsense, readline simply works better with packages such as IPython than the crummy...