#132: Photoanalysisd consuming 100% CPU

What is photoanalysisd and what is it doing

#128: put mail with zipped exe files in spam folder (server side)

Client staff receiving email with zipped exe file attachments which are not not detected as spam. Resolved by using procmail to invoke script "zippedexe". When zipped attachments are eceived. Zippedexe uses "ripmime" to unpack the attachments. If the attachment...

#127: Mail.app stuck at fetching mail for gmail accounts on 10.10.3

After upgrading to OS X 10.10.3, Mail.app is stuck at "Fetching Mail..." for all Gmail POP3 accounts. Connection doctor logs report: READ Feb 27 09:54:23.788 [kCFStreamSocketSecurityLevelTLSv1_0] -- host:pop.gmail.com -- port:995 -- socket:0x6180002b0f20...

#126: iphone icloud

i have by iphone 5s 16gb imei013985001051926 i not able to poen in india its frm usa and i dont know the i password of the so iwant to contact the owner and i want to unlock it i need help plz help me ....................

#125: ipad screen blue

my ipad went solid blue and wont show anything anything i try to do to fix it have failed

#124: Exclude /etc/hosts from bash_completion



I just installed the homebrew package bash_completion, hoping to get completion on my SSH commands. Unfortunately, I also use my /etc/hosts file as an ad blocker. This results in bash completion completing my ssh hostnames with a ton of ad servers that I...

#123: wont load

img objects must have valid 'src' and 'href' attributes

#122: Acer Aspire One won't boot up (virus) - how to wipe hard drive?

A virus quickly fucked over my little Acer Aspire One completely, so now I need to wipe the hard drive with just a USB thumb drive since there's no CD drive. I've tried resetting it from the computer itself at startup but get Error 4, so that's out. Also my...

#121: Please select a file

When I try to upload a zipped plugin into WP, the program responds: Please select a file. I have uploaded dozens with no previous problem. Everything now has to be uploaded with Fantasticom, whic isn't difficult, just a pain.

#119: Set execute permission for directories

I have a folder consisting of a mix of files and subdirectories, on OS X. I'm looking for a one-line script to set the execute permission bit only on all subfolders/subdirectories, without setting all the normal files to executable as well. The usual chmod...

#118: postgis ST_Intersects fails with invalid multipolygons

But it fails silently, often only intersecting with one of the constituent polygons if the polgyon as a whole is invalid.

#117: expire cached fragments from the console

I'm always forgetting how to do this

#116: Disable Dell Studio XPS wireless button

There is a touch button / media key on the Dell Studio XPS that disables all wireless devices onboard, including WiFi. This stupid button is located immediately above the F8 key on my Studio XPS model, and I constantly hit it on my way to the function keys...

#115: 1&1 doesn't generate thumbnails for Wordpress

A Wordpress installation on a 1&1 server doesn't generate thumbnails.

#114: Set Ubuntu crontab default editor

At some point my Ubuntu installation's crontab decided to use nano as its default editor, despite my having switched it to emacs. Upon using crontab -e, I get dropped into nano. On completion of the edit, the shell reports: "/usr/bin/sensible-editor: 25...

#113: WordPress: "Error establishing a database connection"

On a Mac OS 10.5 system, I got the above error.

#112: scrambled IPython command history MacOS X

When backtracking through the command history buffer using the up-arrow key, for example, the previous command is only partially recalled, and appears completely scrambled. Indents are also off.

#111: How to program Performcane Teknoque icbm-7071

I have everything installed, i just dont know how to program the tack my 2001 monte carlo. HELPP

#110: Simple content-based filtering for Postfix

I am looking for a simple regex or text-matching based method to filter emails on my Postfix server. For the most part, my server does not get any spam, so there is no need for a heavy-duty antispam solution. On the other hand, there is just one very persistent...

#109: nokia c5 osx tethering

http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=8494642 http://jasoneppink.livejournal.com/189683.html