#97: RoTK XI movies show black screen

When playing Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI on my Windows 7 laptop on full screen, maximum resolution, the introductory movies and cutscenes play as black screens. The audio still works, and the cursor is normal, but no video is shown. The movies display...

#94: Zotero error line.replace is not a function

When attempting to load JSTOR, SpringerLink, or Informaworld citations using the address bar button in Zotero 2.03, the citation is not added. Checking the JavaScript error console reports an error of "line.replace is not a function" from the relevant site...

#79: DigitalColor Meter RGB color space defaults on Snow Leopard



OS X ships with a nifty digital pixel color meter called DigitalColor Meter, which outputs the color of the pixel under your cursor in whichever color space you choose (Hex Value, 8-Bit for web development, for example). In Leopard, your preferred color space...