#84: setuptools 0.6c11 fails to install on Windows 7 64-bit

I am attempting to install setuptools for Windows 7 64-bit. Upon downloading the installer msi file for setuptools 0.6c11 for Python 2.6, the installer fails at the second stage with an error message "Python version 2.6 is required, which was not found in...

#80: LUALL.exe hogs CPU

At intervals, I'll just get a CPU leak and it's LUALL.exe

#78: "can not find script file "c:\windows\jargon.vbs"

When starting my folks' computer, this script error pops up. Running XP Media Center Edition

#76: VLC on XP doesn't update itself correctly

Error occurs on 1.0.1 on XP Media Center Edition. File chooser pops up and then this error: Saving file failed Failed to open "\MY\PATH\" for writing

#72: Rome: Total War Alexander historical battles do not unlock

On Windows Vista and Windows 7, I am unable to unlock all historical battles for Rome: Total War, Alexander. The Battle of Chaeronea is the only one available, and even though I have won it on Medium difficulty, the next battle in the sequence does not unlock...

#2: Settlers of Catan save failure

Some versions of Bigfish Games' Settlers of Catan (a faithful reproduction of the board game) have a strange issue, in which under certain operating contexts, it will not save a game. The error message reported is a generic and not-at-all useful " an error...