#46: JEPController:checkBundle couldn't find libawt.jnilib

At some point, my Firefox 3.0.x on OS X 10.5 stopped opening Java applets. The failure occurs silently -- the applet simply doesn't run, with no apparent error message in the browser.

In the Console log, the output is

5/20/09 11:43:02 AM [0x0-0x104104].org.mozilla.firefox 2009-05-20 11:43:02.116 firefox-bin[2616:10b] JEPController:checkBundle couldn't find libawt.jnilib

Switch the Java SDK version around in OS X Java Preferences

In /Applications/Utilities/Java/Java Preferences.app, swap the SDK used to launch applets. For example, I started out with the default as Java 5 (32-bit). When I switched to Java 6 (64-bit), applets started working again.

Not exactly sure what the underlying cause of this is.

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