#114: Set Ubuntu crontab default editor

At some point my Ubuntu installation's crontab decided to use nano as its default editor, despite my having switched it to emacs.

Upon using crontab -e, I get dropped into nano. On completion of the edit, the shell reports: "/usr/bin/sensible-editor: 25: /usr/bin/emacs22: not found".

Looks like my emac was recently upgraded to emacs23, but I could not find a way to edit the sensible-editor script. Using the default Debian update-alternatives --config editor command did not fix the problem.

Setting Ubuntu's default sensible-editor

Turns out there is another tool in Ubuntu used to set the sensible-editor. In particular:
sudo /usr/bin/select-editor
will change the editor being used by sensible-editor, and by extension, the crontab -e invocation.

Not sure what the relationship is between the Debian Alternatives system and this select-editor util. I'm learning something new every day with these newfangled distros :p

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