#108: USPS Missing Package "There is no record of this item"

I have been waiting for a package from the US using USPS Priority Mail International. Tracking number was issued by the sender on 7 Jan 2011 who confirms that it was sent and that they have commenced inquiry with USPS for non arrvial on the 17 Jan.

I have used this before and been able to confirm all tracking movements until arrival but this shows nothign at all. The funny thing is that I the tracking number link displayed on the senders website takes me to the UPS tracking login instead of the USPS login page. I can tell the difference between the tracking numbers for both companies as I have used both in the past.

Any ideas? It is difficult for me to contact USPS from overseas and via email has failed as I cant provide a US address. The sender says that the process will now take a further 23 days to receive an outcome from USPS.

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