#94: Zotero error line.replace is not a function

When attempting to load JSTOR, SpringerLink, or Informaworld citations using the address bar button in Zotero 2.03, the citation is not added. Checking the JavaScript error console reports an error of "line.replace is not a function" from the relevant site translator .js file. For example, loading from JSTOR reports the error from "JSTOR.js".

A glance at the JavaScript indicates that line.replace does not occur in the script.

Must accept third-party cookies for Zotero translators

After some investigation, it looks like in this version of Zotero, third-party cookies must be accepted for some translators to work.

On the Mac, this process involves turning on Firefox -> Preferences -> Privacy tab -> Accept third-party cookies.

Once activated, the line.replace error goes away.

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