#64: facebook feed update complains about img objects

When posting an update to Facebook through their API, were occasionally getting

Application response error img objects must have valid 'src' and 'href' attributes. You can see this because you are one of the developers of the app.

Facebook doesn't like % in URLs

This took some time to debug: apparently Facebook doesn't like percent-encoded URLs, so if you sent it some feed template code that looks like

{ "body":"blah blah", "images":[{ "src":"http://img.awsomeness.com/8484%2B9087453jpg", "href":"http://awsomeness.com" }], }

it will complain about the percent-encoded "+" in the img src. You can easily unescape in ruby:

>> URI.unescape("http://img.awsomeness.com/8484%2B9087453jpg") => "http://img.awsomeness.com/8484+9087453jpg"

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