Solution for: #116: Disable Dell Studio XPS wireless button

Disable Dell Studio XPS wireless control button

On the 2009 version of Dell Studio XPS 1645, the wireless media key is controlled through the BIOS.

Boot into the BIOS by pressing F2 during the boot screen. Look for the "Wireless" entry (I believe it is under the Advanced tab). Hit Enter to go into the entry, and the first option should be something like "Wireless Control Hotkey".

By default it will have been set to WLAN&BT or something similar to that, meaning that it will turn on/off both WiFi and Bluetooth devices when pressed. Switch that option from WLAN or WLAN&BT to None. Remember that you are not disabling wireless (which is controlled by the other options on that screen). You are only disabling the hotkey, so don't touch the other options.

Save & Exit from BIOS, and the key should now be disabled. The rest of the media keys should remain functional.

Your mileage may vary, depending on the BIOS version and the model version of your Studio XPS.