#39: Reversing PDB files to PML

PDB-format eBooks are typically generated via PML (Palm Markup Language) files. I would like to reverse the process - extract the original PML document from a PDB file. Tools such as DropBook only go one-way.

Use the Perl module EBook::Tools::EReader

Best solution so far is to

1. use CPAN to install EBook::Tools::EReader
2. Either use this sample code directly in a .pl file
use EBook::Tools::EReader; my $pdb = EBook::Tools::EReader->new(); $pdb->Load('myfile-er.pdb'); my $html = $pdb->html; my $pml = $pdb->pml; print $pml;
3. or open up a Perl interactive debugger
perl -d -e 1
and drop all the my declarations from the above snippet.

You can probably whip up a quick Perl script to do this directly and print to STDOUT. Too lazy today to write that code for just this single-use case.

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