#56: Passenger can't find a shared module in Rails

I recently put some shared code from a Rails app into a module in app/models/shared/sweepers_module.rb. The module itself was called Shared::Sweepers. I included it in some sweeper classes, and everything worked fine in Mongrel. In Passenger, though, I got the

Ruby on Rails application could not be started

page, complaining about

NameError: uninitialized constant Shared::Sweepers

file names should match class names

The rails convention is to keep file names matching model names, but I guess I had forgotten, and Mongrel didn't really care. However, it wasn't until I renamed Shared::Sweepers to Shared::SweepersModule that Passenger actually started the app successfully. I'm not sure why it's so finicky (could it possibly ignore files that don't contain classes of modules with the same name, or vice versa?!), but it seemed to fix things.

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