#85: Colons and special characters in Ultrasphinx queries

When I use UltraSphinx, the Ruby API to the Sphinx full-text search engine, queries with certain special characters such as colons (:), at signs (@), and other reserved characters throw an Ultrasphinx::UsageError exception in my query interface. For example...

#31: Python csv and universal-newline mode

When using Python 2.5's csv module, I keep running into a "new-line character seen in unquoted field" error. In [16]: f = csv.reader(open("/Users/yliu/foo/data", "rb"), dialect=csv.excel_tab) In [17]: for row in f: print row...

#26: Switch a MySQL table charset to UTF8

I would like to switch a MySQL table or database to the UTF-8 character set, after it has already been created as Latin1.

#25: Create bookmarklet that uses an iframe to submit data

The current SelfSolved bookmarklet takes you out of page context (it redirects you). I want to create a bookmarklet that opens up an iframe on the current page. This, is of course, cross-domain.

#11: Python formencode doesn't run validations when input is None

Using FormEncode 1.0.1, validations don't seem to run when an input value of None is provided to the FancyValidator.to_python or Schema.to_python method. Example validation schema: class ValidToken(formencode.FancyValidator): def _to_python(self, value...