#126: iphone icloud

i have by iphone 5s 16gb imei013985001051926 i not able to poen in india its frm usa and i dont know the i password of the so iwant to contact the owner and i want to unlock it i need help plz help me ....................

#98: "Pattern colors are not supported" when compiling iPhone app

When compiling an iPhone app project, a controller XIB file reports an error "Pattern colors are not supported by the iPhone SDK for iPhone OS versions prior to 3.0". The Xcode Project deployment target is set to compile for iPhone OS 3.x or 4.x, so this really...

#77: Wanted: iPhone/Prius integration

I want a physical installation that allows me to use my iPhone safely in my car. 1) GPS Navigation software 2) connect car's AUX audio connection to device 3) charge device using my USB charger

#57: Access raw pixel data from iPhone movies

I have the new iPhone and want to build an app with it for computer vision research. Ideally, we could process video in real time. This is not possible within the confines of the SDK. Next goal is to be able to at least process a video on the iPhone after it...

#42: HTML or XHTML Parser for iPhone SDK 2.x

A couple of my iPhone projects require a decent HTML/XHTML parser. On OS X, Cocoa ships with NSXMLDocument, which includes dirty HTML parsing functionality from libtidy. Unfortunately, NSXMLDocument is not part of the actual iPhone 2.2 SDK (though it is part...

#29: Reset a frozen iPhone

My iPhone 3G has completely frozen and does not respond to the usual reset methods (holding down the Sleep/Wake button at the top). I need to reset it.