#133: Money - outcome of logic or intuition?

Was it a part of some scheme or nothing more than needful? But there must be some stakeholders then and now who are thriving on it like people who regulate its use(governments), people who keep an eye on its misuse(activists), people who run after it(entrepreneurs) and people who give lessons on its management(gurus). All in all, the ecosystem money has created gives the impression of being without any beginning or end and encompassing one and all. Not sure which need it meant to fulfil, it has become the biggest of needs itself. Or if the scheme it was part of is still being replayed with different actors enacting the same roles?

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Replacing our currency holdings with precious metals as these are not owned by governments

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Perhaps there is a realm of wisdom from where the logician is exiled... larger share to rationality, equivalent to disrupting the natiural chemistry of the body by the injection of hormones...growth in knowledge, or anything, can not proceed without Dionysian... logic excludes nuances and since truth resides exclusively in nuances, it is useless tool for finding truth in moral and political sciences...what we call scientific progress can be just a mirage

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Logic can develop only skill and cleverness. Experience achieved through intuition alone is valid

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